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What is it?

UX Writing is the creation of texts geared toward the user experience. Unlike copywriting, which is focused on creating texts for marketing and sales, the UX writer or content designer uses texts and micro texts to facilitate the user experience when using a product, such as an application or a Customer Service Center.

How important is it?

The work of UX Writing is important to facilitate the user’s life through communication, whether using a bank application or talking to a call center. The UX writer is also responsible for giving personality to a product or service, defining how it communicates by creating a tone of voice for the brand.

When to adopt

We can adopt it when we find that the product has usability problems related to its content, such as buttons with no defaults, text that is difficult to read, and poor customer reviews.

We can apply UX writing to applications, landing pages, buttons, pop-ups and modals, error messages, notifications, mail marketing, among others.

Usability tests, such as card sorting and cloze tests, can also be applied to check the user acceptance of the text.


  1. Create consistent communication throughout the product;
  2. Assist the user’s experience;
  3. Establish a relationship of trust with the user, causing them to continue using the product or service;
  4. Help fix the brand in conjunction with the visual identity.


  1. Kick-off meeting: initial project meeting, where we identify the need for the company, product, or service;
  2. Immersion: during immersion, we analyze the materials already produced by the company, such as brand manuals, brand personas, and other existing products;
  3. Benchmarking: in this stage, we analyze the material from other companies, competitors or not, and assess which good practices can be implemented in the product or service;
  4. Implementation: during implementation, we apply all the knowledge acquired to improve the product’s usability.

Maintenance and adoption

It is important that the whole team works together to keep the content standardized. It is also important that all the process and future UX writing changes are documented for future reference.


  • Improved conversion rate;
  • Reduced churn (customers who canceled or abandoned the service);
  • Improved customer satisfaction with the product or service;
  • Standardization of content.

Tuia's Voice Tone Manual

One of the UX writer’s jobs is to create and maintain a tone of voice manual. It serves to define how a company, product or service communicates, depending on the situation. Here at Tuia we have a tone of voice manual, which serves as a guide for our work. You can check it  out at this link. You can also read our blog post about tone of voice manual.


Check out the opinion of our partners

I would define (the project) as a very efficient partnership, because Tuia had this process of understanding the context, and because of this they served us very well as a client. Tuia has a good reference of good practices in Design System and other subjects as well, and this is very important. This, added to the company’s context and needs, was the winning formula that left us very satisfied and generated a great deal of trust.

Cinthia Prado
Content Manager | Smart Fit

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