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Delivery: Understanding the channel and improving the conversion rate.

SUBWAY® is the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world, with more than 37,000 units, being the main option for those seeking fast and nutritious meals.

Brazil is the fourth country in number of restaurants and importance in the world, with more than 1,600 units.


At the beginning of the pandemic, delivery became the company’s main sales platform. Due to the demand, it was necessary to create an exclusive department to serve this channel, which would be responsible for maintaining the company’s sales.

To do so, the Subway team relied on Tuia’s help to understand the platform and improve conversion.


We started the work with an immersion understanding Subway’s context and the particularities of the delivery platform used at the time.

We held meetings with the Marketing team, understanding the reality and needs of Subway, and meetings with the platform team to understand the limitations and technical possibilities.

After this immersion, we made monthly suggestions for experimentation on the menu and created a process for updating the menu with the learnings acquired during the application of the suggestions.


  • Creation of a menu standard that was replicated to the delivery platforms where the brand is present;
  • Creation of work processes and best practices for monthly menu updates, with cost reduction of the delivery teams, resulting in less time for adjustments and clearer communication between the areas;
  • Growth of over 100% of a category and 50% of a second category in 2 months, after total menu update.
The process with Tuia was very important and constructive. Tuia brought their expertise, listened to us, and we built the tests in partnership, meeting all our needs. It is a job that I am very proud of.
Leon Neto
Sr. e-Business, Digital & Media Marketing Manager | Subway

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