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FTD Educação is a Brazilian company established in 1902 that develops educational solutions for students, companies, and families. Among its products are: teaching systems, didactic and literary solutions, digital learning tools, e-commerce, and financial and emotional intelligence systems.


FTD had a Design System that had been started, but had not been completed, and that served only one product.

Thus, there was a need for a project that covered all the brand’s products, standardizing processes and providing the optimization of time and resources.


We worked on the co-creation of a design system with the objective of creating a library of components following the new brand to be used for all the company’s products.

The project started with interviews with stakeholders to understand the current context of FTD Educação in relation to the company’s organization, digital projects, tools, organization and work methods.

After these interviews, we conducted co-creation workshops to define the design principles and the update and maintenance flows of the Design System.

To finish the immersion stage, we performed a component inventory where we gathered all patterns and inconsistencies and defined all components to be produced.

After the immersion stage, we started the production of the Design System in both the Design and Development stages.

The coding of the project was done in React Js and React Native.

A Writing and Style Guide was also produced.


  • The Design System is already being used in projects in three different areas of the company for the creation of internal products;
  • The product is being used as a reference for the corporate products and for project work time forecasting by the leaders;
  • The product is serving as a basis for the creation of a new product that FTD will launch. This shows that Tuia has managed to convey the Design System concept, which should serve all the company’s products;
  • The Style Writing Guide served as the basis for a training given to 3 areas of the company;
  • Dissemination of the Design System culture within the company.
I would define (the project) as a very efficient partnership, because Tuia had this process of understanding the context and therefore served FTD very well as a client. Tuia has a good reference of good practices in Design System and other subjects as well, which is very important. This, added to the company's context and needs, was the winning formula that left us very satisfied and generated a great deal of trust.
Laís Waida
Design Ops | FTD Educação

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