We innovate, transform, create and materialize

We are a consulting firm specializing in design and user experience, with solutions that range from discovery to the final product. 

We believe in the power of design to connect people, transforming products and services into experiences, making the user’s life easier.

Design is a tool, a process, and most importantly, a culture.

It is not only about solving problems, but mainly about finding new solutions.

Our process

We accelerate design culture with solutions that range from strategy to measurement of results. 

We co-create experience-driven, user-centric digital products, services, interfaces and solutions. We work with excellence in all steps required to deliver the best design for our clients.

The team

We are a plural team, which believes in the uniqueness of each team member.

Gilmar Gumier

Tuia Founder

Post-graduated in Administration at FGV with 16 years in the User Experience market. He has worked on projects for companies such as Estadão, Renault, Banco 24 Horas and Samsung. Participated in the project of the Reclame Aqui Corruption Detector app, winner of the Grand Prix in the mobile category at the Cannes Festival in 2018.

Erika Tempobono


Gabriela Delagostini


Gabriella Souza


Gustavo Mamede


Julia Silva


Liviane Silva


Silvia Masc



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