Forest Design System

Forest Design System: Decreased prototyping time for new products and increased productivity for the development team.

Climatempo is the largest weather intelligence company in Brazil, expanding into Latin America, offering software to support different markets with weather intelligence solutions. Among them, the SMAC (Sistema de Monitoramento e Alerta Climatempo), Agroclima Pro and the Climatempo Portal itself ( stand out.

They serve the civil construction, insurance, agribusiness and population sectors.


With the variety of products, Climatempo had difficulties in keeping the brand identity among the products.

Besides that, the lack of a Design System made the developers invest a lot of time looking for similar components, creating redundant components and using different libraries during the process.

This scenario caused a high development time, exaggerated complexity in products and a lack of standardization in processes.


We act in the co-creation of a design system with the objective of modernizing products, standardizing components, and unifying brands.


The project started with interviews with stakeholders to understand the current context of Climatempo regarding the company’s organization, digital projects, tools, organization and work methods.

After these interviews, we conducted co-creation workshops to define the design principles and the update and maintenance flows of the Design System.

To finish the immersion stage, we conducted a component inventory where we gathered all the patterns and inconsistencies of the current products and defined all the components to be produced.

After the immersion stage, we started the production of the Design System in both the Design and Development stages.

The coding of the project was done in React Js and React Native.


  • Decrease of up to 50% in the prototyping time of new screens;
  • Increased productivity of the development team;
  • Reduced project design and development time;
  • Product standardization and delivery quality improvement based on the Design System components;
  • Creation of a process for creating/defining new functionalities, involving the Commercial, Product, UX and UI teams;
  • Creation of a squad dedicated to the Design System, composed of 1 UX Research and 2 Product Designers;
  • Increased standardization of functionalities present in different products with reuse of the same solution;
  • The knowledge about the project is clear for the new collaborators, thanks to the documentation developed by Tuia during the project;
  • The participation of the Climatempo team during the co-creation of the project with Tuia helped disseminate the Design System culture to everyone involved in the product creation.
Forest was a giant paradigm shift within our products. We had a huge gain in development time and everyone is satisfied with the projects and agility in the construction.
Adeilton Sousa
Tech Lead | Climatempo

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