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Forest Design System: Decreased prototyping time for new products and increased productivity for the development team

DS Envolve: Spreading the Design System culture

Regional Glossary: More than 3,000 expressions spoken in the four corners of Brazil for greater effectiveness and engagement in media pieces

Digital transformation for one of the largest newspapers in Brazil

Accelerating the automaker's digital presence, in all of its launches

Martins Wholesale: Applying research for continuous improvement of digital products

Delivery: Understanding the channel and improving the conversion rate

Experimento: User journey mapping for application improvement

We acted in an international pilot project focused on the Indian market, with a team distributed in 4 countries: Brazil, India, United States, and England

We apply usability tests to assist the Innovation sector in new concepts for products and services

Together with the design team, we co-created and tested the website and application of the fast food chain

We act as research partners for the UX area for usability tests of new products and improvements of current products

We helped the Marketing team improve the conversion rates of the university portals of one of the largest educational organizations in the country

We co-created Bustek, the ClickBus Design System

We work with the technology area, with a dedicated team to meet the demands of UX and Design

We participated in the conception of the Samsung Audio Acordes application, the first voice system that teaches guitar to the visually impaired, winner of awards such as the El Ojo Festival

We applied usability tests with medical specialists to improve the continuing education platform

We assist the team by applying usability tests to the application

We developed the standardization and redesign of the cinema chain application with the addition of snacks

We participated in the conception of the portal for the new laboratory acquired by the company, becoming a reference for new portals

We redesigned the portals for vehicle and residential customer service calls

We redesigned the portal for attending calls for vehicles

We conducted qualitative research to help the developer build its new B2C portal

We work with the Marketing department testing the new digital products before launch

We produced the new B2C portal of the Cyrela group company

We tested the company's first e-commerce site aimed at the B2B solar energy audience

We worked on the discovery and conception of the pilot project of the digital bank focused on truck drivers

We have produced a community portal for lovers of street racing

In partnership with the CCXP team, we co-created the CCXP Worlds platform, the first online version of the world's largest pop culture event

We worked on the conception of the Political File Detector app, a project for the 2018 elections that won the Grand Prix Mobile at the Cannes festival

We helped the group in its expansion phase, working on the information architecture of the university portals

We work on projects to improve the of the engineering software experience of the largest company in the country

We participated in the discovery and conception of an application for the sales force

We worked on the conception of the brand's portal and hotsites

We worked on the conception of the brand's portal

We worked on the improvement and creation of new functionalities for the brand's application aimed at the trucker public

We worked on the DesignOps implementation of the startup acquired by iFood, supporting the creation and improvement of processes with the UX team

We participated in the conception and design of the new portal of the French cheese manufacturer with the application of usability tests

We applied usability tests for the conception and design of the ophthalmology group's new website

We acted on the discovery and conception of a new product, aimed at the notary market


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