Martins Wholesaler

Martins Wholesale: Applying research for continuous improvement of digital products.

With 70 years of history, Martins Atacadista is the largest wholesale distributor marketplace in Brazil.

A member of Sistema Martins, a hub that integrates production and consumption through a system of quality relationships, Martins Atacadista has 6 Warehousing and Distribution Centers spread throughout Brazil and more than 28,000 active registered items.


Martins’ Digital Transformation Department wanted to improve the usability and acceptance of its digital products by listening to its users.

Based on this goal, we suggested the application of usability tests and in-depth interviews to identify and survey improvements and create a development backlog for the company’s digital products.


We started the project with an immersion to understand Martins’ business and the daily routine of the projects of the company’s different digital products.

Every month, we apply 20 usability tests or interviews focused on one of the company’s digital products.

Along with the results report, we deliver a spreadsheet with the baklog of suggested improvements for each product tested.

In 2 years of contract, we have already applied research to both external B2B and B2C products and internal products for call center and logistics operators.


  • Creation of a research culture in the company;
  • 400 clients interviewed;
  • 12 products tested in different stages (prototype, homologation, new version, and current version focused on improvement).
The partnership with Tuia brought us a professionalization in research, we moved from the subjective and personal context of improving UX to a decision-making mindset based on data and 100% focused on the end customer.
Case - Martins - Cliente - Dudu
Eduardo Pimentel
Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation

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