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Digital transformation for one of the largest newspapers in Brazil.

Estadão is one of the most traditional newspapers in the country, present on newsstands since 1875.

The company is one of the largest and most important information and communication companies in Brazil, operating in the segments of journalism, information services, advertising and entertainment.


Estadão had just launched a new MVP of its application, with paid access and aimed at subscribers with the goal of reducing subscription churn.


We started the project by applying a quantitative survey to the application and a qualitative survey with 20 subscribers to understand the users’ opinion about the product.

Based on the results, we promoted co-creation workshops with the Estadão departments involved in the application to plan a roadmap.

Improvements and new features were launched every month and public acceptance was monitored by notes and comments in the App Stores.


  • Application started to be treated as an acquisition channel;
  • App share in total subscriptions increased by 50%;
  • 90% increase in app’s subscriber base;
  • App daily opening increased 180;
  • App Store scores increased from 2.6 to 4.2 (Play Store) and 4.6 (App Store).
Changing the methodology in a century-old company is not an easy process. Therefore, we chose Tuia to strengthen us and help us in this transformation process. The work done by Tuia was essential for the development of the entire application product.
Luciana Cardoso
Digital Director | Estadão

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