Renault | Launch Flow and new site structure

Renault do Brasil is the Brazilian subsidiary of the French automaker. It was established in 1998, and is the country’s fifth automaker by sales. In 2012, Brazil was Renault’s second largest market.


We had already worked on specific projects for the automaker’s marketing team and the partnership ended up resulting in a monthly contract to help with vehicle launch projects.

We started the project with an understanding of the process performed by the Marketing team together with the technology team of the car manufacturer and the partner agency.


The process was executed in a very long timeframe and ended up generating a lot of rework.

Based on this study, we proposed a new flow for the launches, which contributed to great time savings.

Besides a new flow, we created different models of vehicle pages to meet the different types of models launched by the company, thus creating a standard of pages.


  • Significant increase in the conversion of visitors into leads;
  • Prioritization of the most important information in the user’s journey;
  • Creation of standard pages for launches;
  • Cost reduction of the Marketing and Technology teams through the creation of a work process for launches on the site, resulting in less time for adjustments and clearer communication between the areas.
The result of Tuia's work is that today Renault has a more structured site and a better conversion rate of visit into lead.
Katrin Hubbe
Digital and CRM Coordinator | Renault
Before Tuia, Renault did not have a structured process for website launches. Once Tuia arrived, our process became much more assertive.
Mariana Lima
Digital Marketing and CRM Assistant | Renault

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